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This item offers 3 pendants, which have orgonite power, each with different  strengths. Their felted envelope makes them beautiful and pleasant wear.

About orgonite, orgonite power one can read from many sources. People attribute such devices many interesting properties. Some even use say "magic", "mystic", because although built of the simplest materials, yet they exercise a definite effect on the person wearing them.   

My pendants are special because the 3 pendants feature  different orgonite strength. The heaviest, and largest is the strongest, the smaller is the mildest. Make your choice for the day. 

Many people sense orgonite power by lingering their hand over the device, or nearing the device to their cheeks, then concentrating a second or 2. Many other people are not sensitive to this power. Unfortunately I belong to the latter. The effect of the devices does however not depend on whether we sense their presence or not. This is similar to the sensitivity of people to sounds, fragrances, colors. Or to the taste of medicine: the effect of medicine does not depend on our appreciation of  their taste.

If you buy my devices, find out if you sense their power or not, for example by experimenting with the strongest device. If you do not feel it, ask other people if they do. Some will.

The last picture shows the complex internal structure of the device. The devices are built  of starters, active elements, and toners. The largest device seemingly has a different structure, but in reality it is built of the same parts but of different strength.

One can wear the pendants 24 hours a day. Some say they should not put near the head when used in bed.

The strongest device can be felt from about 3 feet, the weaker ones from much less distance. 

Here are some accounts from users. 

Nora experimented with medium strength medals, as well as rods which can not be worn, but are used as if they were furniture. She found one of her  medals so positive, that she even took it to the hospital where she underwent even intensive care. Her account of the rods is different: after about half a year of a definitely positive feeling, she got sort of filled up with the rods. She put them in the staircase. Her daughter did not know what these were, and took them to her room to use as door stands. After about 3 days, she asked here mother: "Mom, what are these rods doing? I feel so strange with them". She is using them ever since. 

Marcsi, tango and pilates teacher, carries the strong medal in her pocket 8-10 hours a day. After some time, she makes a pause. She definitely feels more energetic, but not simply invigorated.

Peter, a masseur, feels the effect of the devices direclty. We experimented with him with devices, flavored with different crystals. Amethyst flavor made him feel love, made him feel like crying. Other flavours made him feel sad, anxious, 

The devices offered here do not contain crystals. Please correspond with me if you are interested in enhancing your devices with some sort of crystal power, and we shall figure out how that can be done.

The weight of the devices: 
The size of the strong medal: 
Diameter/width of the medium and weak medal:

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